This is a literary blog directly related with creations of Samaya समय, where we can induldge with some poetic lines, fictions and more. The blog host thinks that, we must respect the time. Don’t be careless and don’t missuse it.

Samaya समय on News of http://www.cybersansar.com (CS) :

Penning down his emotions…
12 January 2010-Tuesday -The Cheeguz

In the bustling K-town, lives a simple man who by no means leads a simple life. A voice that is instantly recognizable, meet Manoj K.C. – RJ at Hits FM 91.2, a writer who goes by the name “Samaya” and now a lyricist for whom artistes are lining up, Uh-huh!! He juggles a hectic schedule with such ease; we wondered surely he must be ruffled inside? To that he responds, “I’m a restless person, I cannot sit still. I have to be in state of activity.”

Passion is what drives him, be it his love for writing, his profession as an RJ and now a songwriter. When he was in school he discovered the art of creative writing, and that literally changed his life. He figured that if he could make a living from being a writer, then that is exactly what he will do. He adds “Words happened to me before anything… and now with song writing it has taken a whole new meaning”. A good lyric is one which is heart-touching! It should be able to evoke feelings, memories into the heart of listener; that connection is what he as a lyricist strives for.

He fondly recollects Satya Raj Acharya calling him “Mr. Lyricist” on the launch of Sajal Neupane’s album “Naman”, a defining moment for him; for it marked the arrival of Samaya… the songwriter!! K.C. is currently busy writing songs for Shreya Sotang, Bharat Sitaula, Raju Shah and Nakul Karki.

When asked about the low key profile of lyricist, Manoj responds “That’s just the way it is, we write we give birth to a song but eventually it’s the composer or the artiste who gets the major chunk of spotlight… but one shouldn’t forget the contribution of the pen that pens down them words”. His suggestion to all writers, and lyricists, “don’t put your efforts for only money. Keep your self-receptiveness… and live for a long time”.

And adding to his resume is his latest venture into the world of podcasting. The portal aawajonline.com is a project very close to his heart, through which he plans to present Nepal and its diverse culture to the outside world. And now we are starting to believe him… he is an insomniac. So much of work… phew!!

The man who hosted the recent Hits FM Music Awards 2009; for Manoj K.C. it’s not about following the fad… no more being a mere audience to the trend setter. He wants to set examples his way; and firmly believes it’s about time we bring something new to the already stagnant music scene. “Aba ta key garou”… and it’s about time!


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